Evaluation process strategy and distribution systemin

The following describes the contents of the marketing plan which includes the executive summary, corporate purpose, situation analysis SWOTobjectives, strategies, action plan, monitoring evaluation and control and the marketing intelligence system. Executive summary The planning document should start with a short summary of the main goals and recommendations to be found in the main body of the plan. A summary permits management to quickly grasp the major directions of the plan.

Evaluation process strategy and distribution systemin

If that sounds familiar then this guide is for you. You need to know why the program was created, what the goals are, and how the goals will be achieved. You also need to know what all the activities, outputs and outcomes are.

Choose your indicators The first step is to decide which indicators you will use to measure the success of your program. This is a very important step, so you should try to involve as many people as possible to get different perspectives.

You need to choose indicators for each level of your program — outputs, outcomes and goals. There can be more than one indicator for each level, although you should try to keep the total number of indicators manageable.

Each indicator should be: Directly related to the output, outcome or goal listed on the problem tree or logframe. Something that you can measure accurately using either qualitative or quantitative methods, and your available resources.

If possible, a standard indicator that is commonly used for this type of program. Using standard indicators can be better because they are already well defined, there are tools available to measure them, and you will be able to compare your results to other programs or national statistics.

Something that will be useful for decision making to improve the program. Here is an example of some indicators for the goal, outcome and output of an education program: Some organisations have very strict rules about how the indicators must be written for example, it must always start with a number, or must always contain an adjective.

My advice is just to make sure the indicators are written in a way where everyone involved in the project including the donor can understand them. Define how your indicators will be measured Once you have chosen your indicators you need to write a definition for each one.

Here is an example of how one indicator in the education program is defined: After writing the definition of each indicator, you also need to identify how the data will be collected, the frequency monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. Sample indicator definition Reading proficiency among children in Grade 6 Definition Sum of all reading proficiency test scores for all students in Grade 6 divided by the total number of students in Grade 6.

Purpose To assess whether reading proficiency at the schools participating in the program is improving over time. This would provide evidence on whether the reading component of the program is effective.Strategic Marketing Planning Audit Violeta Radulescu Lecturer, PhD., Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest part of the strategic planning process of the organization.

For successful marketing organization during general strategy evaluation and control . Resource Allocation Process & Strategies. returned for further production or distribution to distribution channels, such as retail stores. and evaluation: The resource allocation process. whether for sale or for noncommercial distribution – should be addressed to WHO Press, at the above address (fax: +41 22 ; e-mail: [email protected]).

the World Bank for his valuable contributions throughout the process. iii Contents evaluation strategy. There are many commonalities in the various strategic frameworks for. Exhibit B: Process for Selecting Impact Evaluation Designs, 18 Evaluation Strategies for Human Services Programs A Guide for Policymakers and Providers In the continuing effort to improve human service programs, funders, policymakers, and service providers are increasingly recognizing the importance of rigorous program evaluations.

Evaluation process strategy and distribution systemin

Evaluation design will indicate the overall evaluation approach, the mix of formative, process and outcome evaluation it is planned to carry out in the evaluation and the methods and analysis to be used. If there is to be an outcome evaluation within the evaluation, the design will specify which of the many types of outcome design are to .

PDF | This paper discusses the process of maintenance and reinvestment strategy making in distribution companies. It presents several examples illustrating .

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