Gender and leadership essay

Women and Leadership Chapter 2: Whether they are heading a major corporation or serving in elected office, leaders bring a combination of traits to the table. Men and women tend to agree on the relative importance of the top tier of leadership traits. Nearly equal shares of each say being honest, intelligent, organized and decisive are absolutely essential, although women place somewhat more importance on intelligence and honesty than do men.

Gender and leadership essay

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Leadership Leadership is the act of directing, motivating and managing a group of people towards a shared goal. Tasks often requiring leadership are generally complex and large.

Leadership is used in these instances to avoid chaos and maintain a clear direction of work along with the management of time.

Going back to nature into the most limbic slice of the brain, males are generally seen more direct and more involved in their approach to leadership. Little less than a century ago, this might have been almost inarguable.

We will write a custom essay sample on Gender and Leadership or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER With the rise in the feminist theory in the field of sociology, women have been seen ever advancing in power and involvement in decision making across diverse sectors — this in reference not only to businesses.

The natural curiosity generated by this kind of development unsurprisingly interested researchers to clarify and derive conclusions.

Gender and leadership essay

Three key papers were provided and referred to in writing this post. Interviews with leaders An interview with 24 CEOs by Groysberg and Connolly drew some interesting facts about women and leadership. She notes how she was not expected to be a CEO in meetings outside her organization.

This goes a long way to show that women are not necessarily seen as leaders by the general masses. Similarly arguable perceptions are made based on their role in families. A major chunk of the blame goes to the expectations placed on them.

Positions requiring a lot of travelling are perceived to be inappropriate for females given their role as care takers for families carefully stating especially in Asia.

The bias goes to such an extent that even racial discrimination is compared to be less significant.


Barriers for women is argued to be a result of their exclusion from networks, which as explained later is essential for development of leadership. Inclusive culture suggests that regardless of differences, personal development can be attained with the correlation of it with the goals of the company and that contribution is valued.

However, as with the case of Jim Turley, who unintentionally failed to respond to suggestions by three females, inclusive culture is not necessarily fully implemented in organizations. The article suggests citing Sheryl Sandberg that women themselves are not yet fully prepared, in a sense, for higher level management positions.

Anne-Marie Slaughter cited in Ignatius even suggests some radical changes to society for progress in this field. The paper by Ely, et. These tasks allow one to work in new ways and a lack of them, they argue, diminishes confidence and personal development.5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper aims to provide an overview of the gender differences in leadership and business using decision science principles, set in the context of the Commonwealth.

These authors review the empirical literature on gender differences in leadership style, including recent research on transformational and transactional leadership.

They conclude that, although male and female leaders are quite similar in a number of ways, on average they do behave somewhat differently. Gender, Leadership, Gender role, Equality - Gender Inequality And Gender Equality.

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Gender and leadership essay

Gender Inequality And Gender Equality Essay As it was set out in this essay, gender inequality still occurs in the world that we are living now. These are lots of example that could be perceived around. Gender and Leadership Styles. Print Reference this The baby’s gender determines what kind of characteristics he or she would have to some extent.

If the baby is a boy, he is more likely to be competitive, strong and tough in the future. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the. Two additional leadership traits are clearly a gender tossup in the public’s mind. More than eight-in-ten adults (86%) say intelligence is equally descriptive of men and women.

An additional 9% say women are more intelligent than men, and 4% say the opposite. Essay Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles. Persistent gender stereotypes influence the opportunities that are afforded women in the workplace and largely favor the communication and leadership styles typically attributed to men, resulting in diminished compensation .

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