Guardians of gahoole book report

They are determined to get there and find noble owls who will help them fight against evil forces such as St. Click here to see the rest of this review However, getting there will not be so easy. Marauding crows will mob them if they are not safely hidden away before daylight.

Guardians of gahoole book report

Illustration Soon the walls of the castle ruins rose in the dawn mist. He scoured the horizon for a sign, any sign of his beloved teacher, Ezylryb. Ezylryb had disappeared Guardians of gahoole book report two months before. Scores of young orphan owlets had mysteriously been found scattered on the ground, some mortally wounded, others stunned and incoherent.

None of them had been found anywhere near their nests, but in an open field that for the most part could boast no trees with hollows. It was a complete mystery as to how these young owlets, most of whom could barely fly, had gotten there.

It was as if they had simply dropped out of the night sky. After Soren himself had been shoved from his nest by his brother, Kludd, nearly a year before, and subsequently captured by the violent and depraved owls of St.

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Even after he had escaped St. But then Eglantine had been found by two other dear friends: Twilight, the Great Gray, and Digger, the Burrowing Owl, both of whom had flown out with others on the night of the Great Downing on countless search-and-rescue missions.

And Ezylryb, who rarely left the tree except for his responsibilities as leader of the weather interpretation and the colliering chaws, had flown out in an attempt to unravel the strange occurrences of that night. But he had never returned. It seemed grossly unfair to Soren that once he had finally gotten his sister back, his favorite ryb had vanished.

Soren felt that most of what he knew he had learned from the gruff old Whiskered Screech Owl.

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Well, Soren had certainly acquired the taste. As a member of both the weather interpretation and the colliering chaws, which flew into forest fires to gather coals for the forge of Bubo the blacksmith, Soren had learned his abilities directly from the master. And though Ezylryb was a stern master, often grouchy and suffering no nonsense, he was, of all the rybs, the most fiercely devoted to his students and his chaw members.

The chaws were the small teams into which the owls were organized. Ezylryb led two chaws—weathering and colliering. Otulissa was always carrying on about her ancient and distinguished ancestors. The two bickered constantly, and yet Otulissa had turned into a good chaw member and that was all that really counted to Ezylryb.

Guardians of gahoole book report

But now there was no more bickering. No more crude jokes. No more climbing the baggywrinkles, flying upside down in the gutter, punching the wind and popping the scuppers, doing the hurly burly and all the wonderful maneuvers the owls did when they flew through gales and storms and even hurricanes in the weather interpretation chaw.

Life seemed flat without Ezylryb, the night less black, the stars dull, even as this comet, like a great raw gash in the sky, ripped apart the dawn. But, of course, Octavia, like all nest-maid snakes, who tidied up the hollows of owls and kept them free of vermin, was blind.

In fact, she had no eyes, just two small indentations where eyes should be. But nest-maids were renowned for their extraordinary sensory skills. They could hear and feel things that other creatures could not.

So, if there were wing beats out there, wing beats that had the sound peculiar to those of Ezylryb, she would know. Although owls were silent fliers, each stirred the air with its wings in a unique fashion that only a nest-maid snake could detect.

The harp guild was one of the most prestigious of all the guilds for which the blind nest-maid snakes were chosen to belong. Octavia had served as a nest-maid for Madame Plonk and Ezylryb.

She was completely devoted to Ezylryb and, although she had never said much about how she and the old Screech Owl had first met, there were rumors that she had been rescued by Ezylryb and that she, unlike the other snakes, had not been born blind.

Something had happened to make her go blind. She certainly did not have the same rosy scales as the other snakes. She was instead a pale greenish blue.

The old snake sighed again. Then what does she think? Does she think he is dead? Octavia said very little these days.May 20,  · I read this book ahead of my 9-year-old daughter, and so glad I did.

While it does have a good message of friendship and teamwork, there were several occurrences of very graphic violence.3/5.

The book Guardians of Ga'Hoole The Siege by Kathryn Lasky tells you how the owls in the Great Ga'Hoole tree defend the tree. The owls who live in the Great Ga'Hoole tree are protecting it from the cruel owls called the Pure Ones/5.

This is a chapter-by-chapter study guide (27 chapters total) for Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Capture (book one). For each chapter, students respond to comprehension questions, as well as more higher order thinking questions.4/5(52). About Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Prolific author Kathryn Lasky has long had a fascination with owls.

After doing a great deal of research, she planned to write a nonfiction book about owls, with photographs by her husband, Christopher Knight.

Apr 30,  · Parents need to know that the first three books in this bestselling series are the basis of a September movie called Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole. The first (and best) book contains the most violence and sadness -- young owls are 3/5. Guardians of Ga'Hoole: A Guide Book to the Great Tree - Kindle edition by Kathryn Huang, Richard Cowdrey.

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