Home place by guy vanderhaeghe

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Home place by guy vanderhaeghe

Style[ edit ] The Wars utilizes first-second-and third-person narrative points of view, which is very rare in literature. The narrative moves between voices, each telling part of Robert's story.

Prologue[ edit ] A young man named Robert Ross is introduced as squatting in a tattered Canadian military uniform, with a pistol in hand. A nearby building is on fire, and a train is stopped.

What is the theme of Home Place by Guy Vanderhaeghe?

There is evidence of war, and Ross is shown to be in the company of a black horse and a dog. Robert, the horse, and the dog seem to have been together for a while, as they understand each other.

He decides to free a herd of horses from the train, and the prologue ends with the horses, rider, and dog all running as a herd. Part One[ edit ] Robert Ross enlists in the army to escape the guilt he feels after the recent death of his sister, Rowena, who died from falling out of her wheelchair while playing with her beloved rabbits in the barn.

Robert feels guilty because he was unable to save her since he was making love to his pillows in his bedroom when he should have been watching her. His mother orders Robert to kill the rabbits after Rowena's death; when he refuses, his father hires Teddy Budge to kill the rabbits.

In an attempt to stop Teddy, Robert is beaten up. Later, while he soaks the resulting bruises in the bathtub, Robert's mother comes in to talk to him. Drunk and visibly upset, she says that she knows Robert wants to go to war, and she accepts that she cannot stop him.

Robert goes to army training. There, he meets Eugene Taffler, a lauded war hero. Taffler shows him how to break bottles with stones, prompting Robert to think of him as David throwing stones at Goliath. Robert then goes with his soldiers-in-training to a brothel named Wet Goods.

He goes into a room with the prostitute Ella; when she realizes that he has accidentally ejaculated in his pants and therefore will not be having sex, she decides to pass the time by showing him a peephole into the next room.

Here Robert sees Taffler having sadomasochistic [1] sex with another man. Out of anger, Robert throws his boots at a mirror and a water jug, scaring Ella.

While sailing to England on the S. Massanabie, Robert must kill a horse that broke its leg. While struggling to kill the horse, he fires and misses many times before landing his shots.

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Part Two[ edit ] Robert is now in France and in charge of a convoy. While scouting ahead in the fog, he falls into a muddy sinkhole and nearly drowns. After saving himself, he is met by Poole and Levitt, two of his men.

They eventually reach the dugout that will be their temporary home. There, they meet the three other men that live in the dugout: Devlin, Bonnycastle, and Rodwell.

Rodwell cares for injured animals he finds: The rabbits painfully remind Robert of Rowena. However, Robert manages to build a bond with Rodwell, the only other civil soldier who cares and respects animals. Robert remembers Harris, another soldier whom he had befriended on the ship when both fell ill.

On land, Harris died two days before Robert was scheduled to leave for France. It is during their time in the infirmary together that Robert and Harris meet Taffler again. After Harris dies, Robert asks Taffler to help him in burying his friend. However, Robert learns that Harris has already been cremated.

Disappointed by this turn of events, Robert and Taffler dump the ashes into the sea. Robert says, "This is not a military funeral. This is just a burial at sea. May we take off our caps? The whole countryside goes up in flames. This is the second half of a battle that the Canadians thought was already over.

Following a shelling of the dugout, his fellow soldier Levitt loses his mind, and Robert finds himself close to the brink.The Home Place The story ‘’The Home Place’’ by Guy Vanderhaeghe is about a relationship between a father and a son. Throughout the story, the readers see and understand the reason behind Gil and Ronald broken relationship.

Home place by guy vanderhaeghe

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