Sex n illicit desire


Sex n illicit desire

Monday 12 -1 Date: October 22, GEND October 20, Question 4: Critically evaluate patriarchal ideologies and practices that perpetuate gender based violence and the interventions that are necessary to eradicate it.

In the feminist practice and theoretical approach, patriarchy has been observed differently from the liberal to socialist feminism.

It has been seen that this system establishes male dominance and control over women in society, in general, and particularly so within the family and somewhat maintains it. It is important to see patriarchy as both an ideology of the subordination and control of women, and, an idea of struggle against the same.

The origins of patriarchy can be traced throughout the different stages of civilization. Several views have been expressed regarding the origins of patriarchy and its universality.

Sex n illicit desire

Its roots have been traced in history, religion and in nature. Patriarchy, for others, is considered a natural phenomenon, i. Many have not accepted the above explanations and have sought to find others to adequately satisfy their queries or provide a more logical explanation.

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Since the term patriarchy has been established, there have been many claims that this system suppresses females and has, on many instances, resulted in violence one can look forward to critically evaluating patriarchal ideologies and practices that perpetuate gender based violence.

Ideology; gender; violence, gender violence, terms to bear in mind while assessing how these practices affect different genders.

Ideology can be classified as a body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc. Gender, refers to which sex one identifies themselves and how one is socialized. In cultures globally, norms, traditional beliefs and practices along with social institutions at times allow and aid in the perpetuating of violence against women.

Gender-based violence at times manifests itself in different forms such as physical, psychological and sexual violence. Acts such as sexual abuse, which includes rape and sexual abuse of children by family members or individuals close to their family; forced pregnancy; domestic violence; sexual slavery; traditional practices that tend harmful to women, such as burning or acid throwing, mutilation of the female genitals, dowry-related violence; honor killings for rituals or celebrations, violence during armed conflict, such as rape and in some instances murder; and emotional abuse, such as coercion and abusive language.

The trafficking of women and girls for prostitution, sexual harassment forced marriage and intimidation at work are additional examples of violence against women. Such violence not only occurs in the family and in the general community, but is sometimes also at times perpetuated by the state through laws, policies or the even the actions of agents of the state such as the military, police or immigration authorities.

Gender-based violence happens in all societies, across all social classes, with women particularly at risk from men they know. One of many factors which influence gender- based violence is gender socialization.

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In the feminist practice and theoretical approach, patriarchy has been observed differently from the liberal to socialist feminism.
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Gender socialization begins as early as when a woman becomes pregnant and people start making judgments about the value of males over females. These stereotypes are perpetuated by family members, teachers and others by having different expectations for males and females.

Chevannes goes on to argue that females have been socialized to stay home indoors they are taught tasks such as house work i. Chevannes highlighted the fact that boys tend to be freer; less restricted than girls and, at times, were treated better than girls were.

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