The positive and negative factors of joining a union

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The positive and negative factors of joining a union

In the process, the interests of workers and their aspirations have been totally neglected.

With over , users downloading 3 million documents per month, the WBDG is the only web-based portal providing government and industry practitioners with one-stop access to current information on a wide range of building-related guidance, criteria and technology from a 'whole buildings' perspective. [IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 2 of 5) Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work . HR MGMT test three. Chapter 7,8,9, STUDY. PLAY. is a performance appraisal method in which a manager keeps a written record of positive and negative performance of employees throughout the performance period. Spelled out unfair labor practices by employers and prohibited managers from forming or joining union. Prohibits employers.

The Trade Unions Act,did not go for recognising a representative union. As a result multiple unions have cropped up, often with blessings from management and outsiders. The union finances have not been very sound in the beginning.

The positive and negative factors of joining a union

The average membership figures for each union remain poor and have not improved. The forces of liberalisation unleashed in early 90s have strengthened the hands of employers in closing down unviable units.

The nature of leadership significantly influences the union-management relations as the leadership is the lynch-pin of the management of trade unions. The leadership of most of the trade unions in India has been outside leadership mainly drawn from political parties.

Reasons for emergence of outside leadership: Outside leadership has been playing a pivotal role in Indian Trade Union Movement due to the inability of insiders to lead their movement.

In view of low education standards and poor command over English language which is still the principal language of labour legislation and negotiations, low level of knowledge about labour legislation, unsound financial position, fear of victimisation by the employer and lack of leadership qualities-outside leaders have come to stay.

The main reason for this trend is that the Trade Unions Act, ,[India] itself provided the scope for outside leadership.

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Section 22 of the Act requires that ordinarily not less than half of the officers of the re-registered union shall be actively engaged or employed in an industry to which the union relates. The evil effects of outside leadership: The evil effects of outside leadership analysed by National Commission on Labour are as follows: Outside leadership undermined the purposes of Trade Unions and weakened their authority.

What Do Unions Do?

Personal benefits and prejudices sometimes weighed more than unions. Outside leadership has been responsible for the slow growth of Trade Unions.

Internal leadership has not been developed fully. Even though outside leadership is permissible in the initial stages it is undesirable in the long run because of many evils associated with it.

Political differences of leaders have been inhibiting the formation of one union in one industry. Most of the Trade Union leaders fulfil their personal aspirations with their knowledge and experience gained in the Trade Unions. Measures to minimise the evil effects of outside leadership: In view of the limitations of outside leadership, it is desirable to replace the outside leaders progressively by the internal leaders.

The National Commission on Labour,also stated that outsiders in the Trade Unions should be made redundant by forces from within rather than by legal means. Both the management and trade unions should take steps in this direction. The steps may be: Management should assure that the victimisation will be at zero level, even if the trade unions are led by insiders; Extensive training facilities in the areas of leadership skills, management techniques and programmes should be provided to the workers; Special leave should be sanctioned to the office bearers.

Union rivalry has been the result of the following factors: The desire of political parties to have their basis among the industrial workers; Person-cum-factional politics of the local union leader; Domination of unions by outside leaders; Attitude and policies of the management, i.

The Pros of Belonging to a Union

Measures to minimise union rivalry: In view of the evil effects of inter-union rivalry and the problem of formation of one union in one industry, it may be necessary to consider the recommendations of National Commission on Labour, The recommendations of NCL to minimise union rivalry are: Elimination of party politics and outsiders through building up of internal leaders; Promotion of collective bargaining through recognition of sole bargaining agents; Improving the system of union recognition; Encouraging union security; and Empowering labour courts to settle inter-union disputes if they are not settled within the organisation.

Multiple unionism both at the plant and industry levels pose a serious threat to industrial peace and harmony in India. The situation of multiple unions is said to prevail when two or more unions in the same plant or industry try to assert rival claims over each other and function with overlapping jurisdiction.

The multiple unions exist due to the existence of craft unions, formations of two or more unions in the industry. Multiple unionism is not a phenomenon unique to India. Multiple unionism affects the industrial relations system both positively and negatively. It is sometimes desirable for the healthy and democratic health of labour movement.positive or negative effects on trade depending on their design and implementation.

Analysis Regional Trade Agreements: Effects on Trade 3. The simplest measure of integration is the in a customs union.

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HR MGMT test three.

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Chapter 7,8,9, STUDY. PLAY. is a performance appraisal method in which a manager keeps a written record of positive and negative performance of employees throughout the performance period. Spelled out unfair labor practices by employers and prohibited managers from forming or joining union.

Prohibits employers. A union's collective bargaining agreement also may require employers to provide other perks based on seniority rather than merit to the detriment of junior workers with union jobs. The disadvantages of labor unions for employees are comparatively low compared to the benefits; however, the negative aspects can be serious.

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