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Unr writing center

ECON examines the major economic systems of the world, in both theory and practice. The approach will generally focus on encouraging a general understanding of how economic systems work and how economic theory interacts with government policy, history, and culture to explain economic performance.

Economies examined in some detail will include several advanced market capitalist countries e. We will also consider Iran as an example of an Islamic-based economy, and India as an example of an isolationist country that is now beginning to join the global economy.

Prior study in economics ECON and is required, but this course will be less mathematical than other theory courses. As a course which spends substantial time focused on the diversity of economies, ECON meets the diversity requirement of the University Core Curriculum.

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One expected component of the diversity requirement is a rigorous writing requirement. If Unr writing center want to know why it is important to learn the material in this course, you might view this You-Tube video called, Americans are not stupid.

I find it more painful than funny, and I hope that it is not a statistically valid sample of my fellow Americans. The fourth is online.

Belknap Press, paperback, required. Yale University Press, paperback, recommended. Core Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes: As a course which spends substantial time focused on the diversity of economies, ECON currently meets the diversity requirement of the University Core Curriculum.

One component of the diversity requirement is a rigorous writing requirement. The Student Learning Outcomes are as follows: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the economic concepts important to understanding how economies perform.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of how government policies can affect economic performance. Students will demonstrate an understanding of major economic events in the major economies of the world, and how those events and associated government policies in those countries affected their economic performance.

Students will produce an original and well-written research paper on a general topic assigned by the instructor. This course requires a significant amount of writing, and your ability to express yourself clearly in writing will significantly affect your grade.

Grading will depend on: See the schedule below for tentative dates for the midterms, and the final schedule is set by the university. Exams will be long, in-class, and closed-book.

These usually include essays, requiring both an ability to express yourself in writing and a good understanding of the lectures and the assigned readings, though as my class grows ever larger I am experimenting with other formats such as multiple-choice and true-false questions.

You will find the exams challenging. Papers will be assigned at least two weeks in advance of their due dates, and are expected to be in formal APA academic style. They will require additional research. Quick Essays are in-class assignments intended to help you reflect on something you learned each day.The center offers individual and small group tutoring for student writers, help with written assignments, workshops on thesis and dissertation writing, tutoring with ESL emphasis, and workshops for instructors on assigning and promoting good writing.

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Unr writing center

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